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Taking Good Athletes And Making Them Great

Created by Back In Motion athletic trainer Andy Mendina and Dr. Chris Moore, Elite Performance Inc. is a company devoted to one thing, maximizing the talent of our local student athletes. Using evidence-based principles we have created specific programs to target skill development in the different sports offered at the high school level. Combining pre-season training with summer speed and skill camps allows our athletes' performance to peak just as their competition season arrives. This structure is modeled after some of the most successful sports development programs across the country and has been shown to deliver optimal results in young athletes.

Elite Performance is a unique venture for this area as talented individuals from several different companies have come together to meet the challenge of providing world class training in our small town. Dickinson County Health System athletic trainer Lane Lindeman and physical therapist Tim McGuire, Dr. Neal Johnson of NLJ physical therapy, and the staff at Back In Motion are working side by side to make this enterprise a success. Being able to draw on the expertise of this highly trained group of individuals is what makes Elite Performance the premier outfit for sports training in Dickinson County.