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Being your best self is not possible when you are living with spine pain. Back In Motion has become widely known for our ability to decrease symptoms in even the most serious back patients. Our success comes from combining all of the tools shown to be effective in treating spine pain and using them on the right patients at the right time. The powerful combination of spinal manipulation and specific exercise is able to reduce pain and improve function in many patients who would not benefit from one or the other alone.

Spinal thrust manipulation is perhaps the single most effective tool in treating headaches, low back pain, and neck pain. Over the past ten years a considerable amount of research has been done demonstrating the impressive positive effects thrust manipulation has when used on appropriate patients. The key is being able to discern which patients are appropriate for manipulation, and which would benefit most from a different approach such as stretching, exercise, or specific core strengthening. During your course of care with our doctors, manipulation may be one part of a specifically designed package also including strengthening exercises, stretches, and posture modifications. We will utilize every tool available to maximize your pain relief and will not rely on one intervention alone.

Dr. Jeff Moore is our resident specialist in spinal manipulation. His post graduate studies include a spinal manipulation certification from the American Academy of Manipulative therapy. To obtain this certification Dr. J. Moore completed a series of courses and was extensively tested in written, oral, and hands-on format. Dr. Chris Moore has also taken courses through the academy and intends to pursue certification in the near future.